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a rat bite is when you place one finger in someones anus and another finger in the vaginal and you attempt to snap your fingers
sullivan is hurting after his rat bite last night
#rat #bite #anus #sullivan #booger
dodane przez chaddeus marzec 26, 2007
A cruel sexual act where someone inserts their middle finger and thumb into the ass and vagina of another person (female) respectively - and snaps their fingers.
Amanda broke-up with Doug because he gave her a rat bite.
#polish rat bite #shocker #knuckle deep #snap #fingering
dodane przez Jaybird34 kwiecień 07, 2009
a bad haircut.
bruddah wat wit da Rat bite?
#rattbite #ratsbite #rattabite #rat-bite #snakebite
dodane przez solinoone luty 20, 2010
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