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A tiny religious Islamic school in the north end of Regina, Saskatchewan. Only three types of people go to this school.

A) The snotty arabs that think they're better than the fucking world all because they have ties to the founder of the school. They base their time bribing teachers, gossiping, bragging, and practicing arrogance.

B) The fobby pakistani's who want nothing more than to lock themselves in the bathroom and dance to their fucked up indi music and gossip about how horrible the arabs are. They base their time on studying, gossiping, and trying to look 10 times older than they really are. They smell like biryani and curry & can't stop talking about their fucking roti.

C) The sad, sad, remainder is made up of everyone who wants nothing more than to step out of the ugly over protective school that is RHS.

The school is so over protective, they put the girls and guys in different classrooms for lunch; hardly letting them leave the school. The teachers pretend they're students to try to meddle their way into everything, and they pretend the school is the shit. A K-12 school with hardly 1,000 sq and barely 300 students isnt the shit.

Dont send your kids here.
1) Fob example.

Ryan: Hey, man. Dont you go to Regina Huda School?
Abdul: yeah.. Want some Roti? My aunty made it for you, brother.

2) Arab Example.

Salma: Hey girl. How'd you do on the trig test?
Aisha: Oh i totally bombed the last question, guess I got to compliment Ms. Chesters new shoes.. ugh.

Teacher: This school is the best thing ever and its so good school and blah and im the shit and blah blah and the school is like magic blah blah BLAH..
dodane przez sadnerd lipiec 20, 2012

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