SxE stands for Straight Edge which is a label for people who don't do drugs, drink, smoke, have sex, or do anything remotely risky. They use foul language to compensate for their lameness.
Straight Edge kids generally were unpopular as young teens, and were never offered drugs or sex. They grew up without friends with whom they were comfortable enough to have fun with.
Eventually they become tight-asses who see themselves as above the kids they envied as a child.
Normal Kid: Hey man, lets go to a concert!

SxE Kid: Hell the fuck yeah!

Normal Kid: My cousin can get us into the bar there!

SxE Kid: Oh... I'm not fucking into that fucking shit.

Normal Kid: Dammit, I didn't take you for a SxE faggot.
dodane przez yellowbuzzard styczeń 10, 2010
sXe, an amazing abbreviation for straightedge / straight edge / straight-edge. it symbolizes making a lifestyle choice, not following some stupid trend, if you're not ready to make the commitment for life, then yeah, maybe you should follow the practices, but you're not quite there yet. sXe people refrain from using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco (considered a drug by the way). they also refrain from having premarital sex. in some extreme cases I've even heard of people abstaining from using "foul language" , i.e. swearing which a lot of people did while defining this term...yep yep.

it is also my understanding that the movement was started by Minor Threat with some of their song lyrics, and that the "x"s represent the "x"s that minors had to wear on their hands when in clubs to listen to the bands so that bartenders knew they couldn't have alcohol (some hardcore straightedges tattooed "x" on their hands so that they could show the world who/what they are).

God is not a poison, and should not be avoided as such by straight edge people, many people even choose to use God as their reason for being sXe.
Two Girls at Christian concert...
random girl: hey
me: hey, that x on your that supposed to stand for "straight edge"?
random girl: yeahh
me: that's really cool, I like it :)


katielouwhoo: "what are you doing this weekend angy?"
crazydazy: "going to a christian show, i'm so glad that I want to be as pure as possible for God when I meet him..."
katielouwhoo: "yeahh, it's great being sXe...none of that crap for me."
both: "sXe ... it's the only way to be."
*break into laughter at their amazingness*
dodane przez crazydazy grudzień 30, 2006
sXe is an abbreviation for straight edge. meaning no drugs, alcohol, or sex. it is usually accompanied by a big black X on the hand. emo guys are accosiated with being straight edge because they are supposedly 'girly', but truly anyone can be straight edge.
"I AM NOT sXe! I always pop pills, steal my dads alcohol, and have cheap sex."
dodane przez ME> kwiecień 10, 2006
A form of pseudo-religion formulated by secular moralists as an alternative to Christianity. Indoctrinating the youth with this fad ensures a docile population that will reach maturity never knowing that what they regard as 'rebellious' or 'against the grain' is simply another method of control devised by their bourgeois masters.
Flip that 'x' you've drawn on your hand upside-down. Resembles a crucifix, does it not?

'sxe' is the atheistic alternative to Christian slavery.
dodane przez Routhe maj 06, 2007
no alcohol, drugs , or sex. if you are underage you are not straightedge
Bob your want to try this new drug
Sorry Jim Im sXe
dodane przez mirandaloveee sierpień 19, 2007
short for "straightedge." a term used by hardcore douchebags as an excuse to hide the real reason they don't drink or smoke: they're pussies. if you really were straightedge because you actually believed drinking smoking and sex were wrong, you wouldn't give it a name.
"hey, want a beer?"
"sure! i just say i'm sXe so i can put x's on my hands at hardcore shows!"
"never mind."
dodane przez imnothardcore grudzień 04, 2006
"Straight Edge"
Another word associated with self-proclaimed trendy "scene" kids who feel as if they're doing the world a favor by choosing to rub their lifestyle in everybody's faces. The "x" has absolutely no relative or necessary meaning to the term, but apparently it does. Fucking idiots.
Hey guys! Check me out: I'm sXe! Look at my utter superiority and uniqueness! What, you don't give a fuck? I guess I'll just dismiss you as incompetent, and I'll continue to be an illogical, whiney, and uptight douchebag. Cool.
dodane przez anonymous czerwiec 17, 2005
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