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When you walk up behind someone and you flail your arm between there legs near the genitals, imitating the act of catching a salmon by hand.
Everyone was giving Lenny Hi 5's while I went behind him and gave him the salmon.
dodane przez Lenny Smith marzec 03, 2008
367 150
A cyclist going the wrong way in a bike lane.
The defendant blamed the collision on the fact that he had to take evasive action when he encountered a salmon in the bike lane. (Bike Snob NYC)
dodane przez Sou'wester marzec 31, 2010
147 83
A salmon is a fucking fish! Who the hell takes the time to wright all these autistic sexual acts? Urban Dictionary is retarded...
A salmon is a FISH not some homo sex act made up by a pre-pubescent faggot.
dodane przez Cost Co sierpień 26, 2012
71 62
When two people are too femine to have "Beef" with one another
Did you hear about the Chris Brown has Salmon with Drake
dodane przez D$-Money czerwiec 14, 2012
27 22
someone who takes penis up the ass everyday, similar to a tent louis
"Dude what's wrong with that guy? It looks like he got pounded in the ass"
"Oh he's like that all the time, he's a salmons."
dodane przez hashtagwyattspam kwiecień 08, 2013
19 19
Ancient New Zealand custom where two people slap each others forarms in congratulations
Now is commenly used between skateboarders and car enthusiests
good job, SALMONS!!! *offers ones forarm*
dodane przez *Ninja_in_the_garage* listopad 06, 2006
8 10
Slang often referring to physically abusing another person on the basis of their sexual preference.
Mike was given a salmons just for walking out of the gay bar.
dodane przez Denmark-Dan grudzień 01, 2006
5 8