This is hilarious.
Look how many of you have bothered to list
what a scene kid should or does look like.
All the people writing about what scene is, are most likely the fat whale wannabes who wish they looked as good
as people like "scene" kids.
Or wish that they could fit in skinnies but their rolls of fat get in the way, so they decide to take the piss instead.
"Scene kids" don't like ugly fat mank people.
Whats wrong with that?
Damn right they should.
Whats wrong with hanging around with pretty people
im sorry but i wouldnt want to hang around with someone that looked like a monkey on LSD.
I appreciate people who take pride in their appearance.
Get over yourselfs you fat c***s.
Jealousy gets you nowhere.
Tbh, punks, emos, indie kids, metal heads, the hxc kids, geeks all are clones of each other.
We all go to the same shops and buy the same things.
And what?
Scene kid: "Yeah. 'cause your a fat whale tbh mate"
dodane przez botheredlike lipiec 12, 2006
an ever changing style that people use to sterotype themselves and others.
2000: I'm so scene since I'm emotional and I like alternative music.

2010: I'm so scene since I'm normal and I'm the only one that remembers who the Beatles are.
dodane przez c. Lynn kwiecień 12, 2006
In today's society, these are the creepy kids without a life. They spend all their time online, generally on Neopets, MySpace, LJ, etc. etc. with a large community with lots of others like them. They have usernames like "xmyxheartxisxbrokenx." Scene kids are often seen overusing "x's" and semicolons, as well as underscores.

They're usually obsessed with things that really don't matter online, such as love and fashion.
Often, scene kids have (usually fictitious) "photos" of themselves online, featuring themselves clad in cheesy black Hot Topic wannabe clothing with heavy makeup, showing the peace sign or pretending to look über cool. These photos are either heavily photoshopped or fake altogether.

"Scene kid" is also interchangeable with "creepy Internet kid".

Day in the Life of a Scene Kid

*signs onto some IM client on a username like xdontxyouxlovexmex*
xdontxyouxlovexmex says: hi scene kid
&;;__xixlovexyoux says: hey scene kid
&;;__xixlovexyoux says: sup?
xdontxyouxlovexmex says: nothing, just went to hot topic lolz. aren't they the greatest kthxbaiiii?
&;;__xixlovexyoux says: definitely lolz
&;;__xixlovexyoux says: so can i see your pic again lolz xDxD
xdontxyouxlovexmex says: kay this is my pic;; *someurl*
&;;__xixlovexyoux says: not enough black makeup =\ it has to cover your whole eye!
xdontxyouxlovexmex says: lolz kthxbye i'm so rejected at school already D:


I think you get the point ...
dodane przez Asti marzec 03, 2006
Scene, is a cheap imitation of 'emo', as 'emo' is a cheap imitation of goth. They think they are nonconformist and say that they have low self esteem, they like to take pictures, spend hours on makeup and hair, write poetry, write music, form bands that will last five minutes before the scene moves onto the next five second band and cut for attention. They seem to have manifested over night through 'myspace' and spend hours online being 'depressed'. I think it is highly unlikely that any of these kids know what true depression is like because they are usually happy to insult other groups of scenesters or random individuals for not looking like them. There seems to be small wars between them when at gigs because it is an excuse for every scene kid to dress up to his or her full 'potential', shall we say, and they usually hang around in groups being miserable and scowling at other groups. Let us hope they have the good sense to listen to the music at some point in their lives because that is what keeps the rest of us going, not petty wars over hair and makeup and who's cuts are bigger and deeper.
"Ewww look at that kid's fringe!" - hypocritical scene kid
"boo hoo hoo im so depressed"
"i shop at hot topic"
"My girl jean size is 8"
dodane przez metal head girl luty 28, 2006
Basically an unscientific way of making clones. Everyone in their "clique" meets at the mall and just chills. They travel in large packs because if they get in a fight they will lose misbribally and mess up their hair, but will look like they have friends in the process. Scene is one step below transfestite.
Hey, I'm scene. I deserve to get kicked in the face by complete strangers.
dodane przez JMaster listopad 24, 2005
Conformity by some teenagers to what is "cool".

Basic characteristics of male "scene" kids are:
-Choppy, messy hair, usually dyed black or in strange colors.
-Tight girl pants.
-Lots and lots of hoodies.
-Band shirts.
-Chucks or any other tight, generic shoe.
-Stud belts and/or bracelets.
-Anything that can be used to make them look more like girls.
-Spend 2 or more hours a day on their hair.

Basic characteristics of female "scene" kids are:
-Choppy, messy hair, usually dyed black or in strange colors.
-Tight guy pants OR (Rarely, girl pants).
-Lots and lots of hoodies.
-Band shirs.
-Chucks or any other tight, generic shoe.
-Stud belts and/or bracelets.
-Anything that can be used to make them look more like guys.
-Spends no time on their hair, period.

Most "scene" kids also wear ugly, black, nerdy glasses, often very Weezer-esque. They don't listen to a particular type of band. "Scene" kids hear one song from a band, and if it's a popular song, they say they love the band even though they've only heard one song. They're characterized by complaining about how bad their life is, writing horrible poetry, and skulking in dark areas. They also often use the phrase "Xcore" with prefixes such as "scene", "emo", and "hard".

To sum it up, "scene" kids are basically just a bunch of conformists who look exactly the same because they all dress the same and act the same.
"I love Fall Out Boy! They're so scene!"
"What's your favorite song?"
"Sugar, We're Goin' Down."
"Have you heard any of their other music?"
"No. But they still rock!"

"That guy with the messy hair and the tight pants is so sceneXcore!"
dodane przez MH. listopad 11, 2005
1. Unintelligent high school age children who pretend to actually know something about music despite the fact that they have never picked up a musical instrument, nor have they composed a song in their entire existence.

They spend all of their free time outside of school at this horrid place called "the mall" doing drugs with their friends, talking to their twenty-two year old faggot ringleader while he "works so god-damn hard" at Sam Goody for $7.25 an hour. Many of them also use this time to break up with one another, cry over it, and then "lose it" in a big storm of angst-ridden bravado to impress the Sam Goody guy. see also faggot

2. People who name-drop bands but don't own any of their albums. Having them on your IPOD or burning the CD still does not count because you are a grab-ass piece of shit who will not support the artist.
1. This girl Charly and her boyfriend that I sent to the hospital. He was only 16....

2. xIxMxQuEeRcOrEx: OMG, I totally love underOATH... but G.B.H is teh sex!

fuckyouwithaknife: Really? Do you prefer G.B.H's City Baby Attacked By Rats or Ha Ha?

xIxMxQuEeRcOrEx: Uh, I just like, downloaded some of their, like songs off of the like, net because I like, saw Lars Frederiksen wearing their shirt in like, the liner notes for his like, self-titled album with the bastards. Like, Sam Goody doesn't like, carry their CDs so like, I've never like, heard those albums and stuff.
dodane przez Sante Girogio sierpień 24, 2005

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