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pot / marijuana / weed / grass
Dude, give me that schwa
dodane przez schwa lover marzec 27, 2004
Paint that flakes off of cheap plastic beads and is used for psychological testing, similar to the inkblot tests. When capitalized like SCHWA, it can also be used as a substitute exclamation for exclamations of all shapes and sizes.
Did all the schwa come off of your necklace?

"SCHWA!" said Liz.
dodane przez Radish listopad 12, 2004
A modern term for a female that has lost her virginity to a transvestite. May also be a perjorative term for a female.
"I can't believe you did this to me you dirty schwa."
"Mom, I'm a schwa; I slept with Steve who used to be my best friend Barbara."
dodane przez -:]iD[:-pLaTiNuM wrzesień 10, 2005