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Form Of House Music...

Unbelievely Bouncy

You Know That You Like IT!!!
3beat.co.uk soucsemp3s.co.uk

lee butler, lil john
dodane przez Ross styczeń 31, 2003
135 32
really corny bouncy house music, most of the songs are happy hardcore rehashes, really easy to make and mix
dodane przez george wood listopad 09, 2003
92 53
bouncy, cheesy , fun music. originated in liverpool now played all over the country and abroad.
ultrabeat - 'pretty green eyes' is scouse house
dodane przez jay wrzesień 13, 2003
66 34
scouse house
the best type of dance u will hear. so much better than this shitty tall paul crap.
dodane przez Mark Thomas wrzesień 13, 2003
71 60
Cretinous moron music made by equally cretinous bedroom dj's. Named after the occupants of the city that spawned it - liverpool. Usually consists of cheesy female vocal overlaid with 'my first mixtape' style drum sample. Enjoyed by dickheads.
scouse-house, the music designed and listened to exclusively by dickheads.
dodane przez the masked nanker sierpień 28, 2006
47 46
Worst derivative of music with annoying "donk" sound predominantly loved by chavs from up north.

Gives a bad name to hard dance
Darren Styles, ultrabeat, scouse house, bounce
dodane przez tomob lipiec 02, 2013
2 8
Scouse House
C'ya in R Ouse,in Cany Farm,where we Dance and Toot !!!!!!! later kidda.
dodane przez Conor Mooney styczeń 20, 2004
19 40