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The scummiest, nastiest and most heinous of all cunts.
She's gone beyond cunt. She's a fucking scum cunt.
dodane przez whit kwiecień 17, 2005
a women who stabs you in the back and leaves you for another man taking all your shit
man; dude she has got to be the biggest scum cunt wat a wrothless two faced bitch
#back of tha neck #bitch #whore #back stabber #asshole
dodane przez johnnydp lipiec 30, 2006
a low, worthless, or evil person. usually of the female sex
wow she fucked that dude behind your back?! she must be a real scumcunt
#scumcunt #scum #cunt #slut #whore
dodane przez davey boy "kt" luty 18, 2007
The lowest of the low nobody or nothing can be worse then this.
Shannon Lyons is a scum cunt
#scum #cunt #low #degrading #horrible
dodane przez notme1420 marzec 03, 2011
A hookers cunt
I can't get the smell off my fingers from that scumcunt
#hooker #scum #cuppercunt #vanecunt #cootershit
dodane przez Bulletpoof listopad 11, 2011
The people/persons that everyone knows that leech from all corners of society like a parasite
Man 1: Did you here about those people in the papers who got that free villa even though they dont work?
Man 2: Yeah, i heard about those scumcunts
Man 1: What a shower of bastards!
#scumcunt #scum #cunt #parasite #leech
dodane przez joescrematorium wrzesień 14, 2009
When a truly scummy person is also just a massive cunt.
'Hey is that Turkish guy dealing drugs again? He's a true scumcunt that one.'
#scum #cunt #turkish #drugs #dealer
dodane przez Cush49 czerwiec 29, 2014
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