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1. most commonly used in south western pennsylvannia to describe a person who is dirty and smelly.

2. a gross smelly disease fish get.
"OMG did you see that dustin kid he is so greasy and he's worn that shirt every day this week WHAT A SCURF!"
dodane przez softball_lover#10 kwiecień 01, 2009
46 11
The real definition of a scurf is someone who farts in the bathtub and smells the bubbles when they rise and burst. Or a verb ti describe the action.
Man, that guy is a real scurf!
I was scurfing as I was bathing last night.
dodane przez Jump the shark luty 23, 2009
37 13
see Dandruff
Dry scaly and shredded skin
''whats dem nasty pieces in ya hair gal looks EWW! SCURF
dodane przez sweet jesus lipiec 19, 2006
12 7
all purpose word that makes everything you say more steezy. It can be used as an adj, v, or, n
Lets scurf on out of here or I'm gonna scurf on you
dodane przez raphtherooffie luty 16, 2010
8 4
unclean, lazy person
dodane przez Parmenides czerwiec 27, 2003
10 8
To steal WiFi internet access
He's was driving around the neighborhood, looking for an access point to scurf the web.
dodane przez Silver scurfer kwiecień 07, 2010
1 2
One characterized by wrinkled clothing, matted hair, and unpleasant odor.
Ugh, what a scurf! How could someone go out into public like that?!
dodane przez Snausage kwiecień 02, 2005
7 8