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When you wipe back to front, and get poop on your ballbag.
I got shitnuts now i have to pick it off with a Q-tip.
dodane przez Moose luty 20, 2005
when a guy whipes his ass from back to front
Ralph is shit-nuts
dodane przez Marc grudzień 14, 2002
1. A nut that has not been properly decomposed within the body. These nuts cause for discomfort when releasing crap from your ass.
2. A person who is causing discomfort to another.
You damn shit nut go away.
dodane przez Tam 92 wrzesień 20, 2005
martin deloen
dodane przez Anonymous październik 16, 2003
crusty shit on sac
girls will not go down on him
dodane przez Anonymous luty 13, 2003
the undigested protrusions in ones turd the day after consuming a bag of goobers.
Wow Joe that new guy took your parking spot you been parking in for the last 3 years.
Yea, what a shitnut
#protuberance #pnut #unbearable #shiznut #crapnuts
dodane przez joemama2011 luty 18, 2011
the nut that is in a piece of shit

or an insult that can replace "shithead"
You're such a shitnut, dude.
#fuckface #shithead #jackoff #shitface #monkeyfucker
dodane przez somesluttyguy grudzień 19, 2006
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