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the act of looking cheap, dirty and nasty.
also acting slutty
i looked mighty skanky at QBH..........

hey man, did you see dat skanky bitch last night...... damm shorty
dodane przez sarah lipiec 24, 2004
A dirty ho.
Did you see that skanky bitch tryin to take my man?
dodane przez DarkNova październik 18, 2001
Dirty(sexually) ,Used,Tainted,Immoral Leanings and Tendencies.
Target is usually female and basically a variation on "Slutty"
dodane przez Peat Bog Man luty 06, 2002
Sleazy, down and dirty, acting like a cheap hooker.
Michaela is a skanky-ass ho.
dodane przez Big Kev kwiecień 04, 2003
Xtina has become one skanky-ass ho.
dodane przez Morelen listopad 12, 2004
something or someone thats horrible, dirty or just fucked up. (UK)
finding a pair of your old dirty underpants,
'uuuhhh, they're skanky!'
dodane przez fdoi luty 09, 2004
a person, usually female who looks cheap, trashy, dirty, and whore-like
Paris hilton is one skanky hoe
dodane przez jersey kid luty 08, 2008