A french kiss following oral sex, when the ejaculated semen is not swallowed but mixed in the mouths of both partners.

Not to be confused with a snowball, which involves spitting said semen.
He thought she was kinky because she liked to snowblow, but she mainly enjoyed the kiss.
dodane przez GW II sierpień 14, 2006
Top Definition
the act of oral sex performed on a male in which sperm is ejaculated into the mouth and the person performing it then commences in osculation (makes out) with the male while sperm is still in the mouth
Jonny enjoys the act of snow blowing because he loves the taste of his own cum after he's been blown.
dodane przez *Shlee* sierpień 21, 2003
The act of executing oral sex with ice cubes located in the cavity lying at the upper end of the alimentary canal.
The promiscuous female lifeform enacted a snowblow on I.

Note: snowblow is not osculating your mate after injecting a load of semen into his/her mouth, imbeciles. That would be called a snowball.
dodane przez Klaus styczeń 15, 2004
When a Female/Male does a line of Coke off of a mans penis and then proceeds to give him a blow job.

Often used as the incentive to perform the blow job but not always. If the girl/guy wants to blow them that badly the Coke is just the icing on the cake... or the coke on the dick.
Girl 1: "I can't believe you gave that guy head... at least it was a snow blow"

Girl 2: "Yeah. He was way to ugly... but the Coke seemed to solve that problem"
dodane przez ChrenDeLaChren kwiecień 30, 2010
Occurs when a male is getting a blowie from a woman.. or a poofter.

There are two possible scenarios:
1. the giver holds the sperm in their mouth and then proceeds to kiss the lucky male as they pass the sperm between their mouths. Reminder - to some this is supposed to be sexually arousing

2. When giving head, you blow really hard with your mouth cusped over the penis so the only direction the air has to go is into the penis. the penis and surrounding area then swell, and the prostate is exposed so an immediate explosive ejaculation without orgasm occurs. Thus the term snow blow, the sperm, or snow as it is referred to here, explodes, or blows, everywhere in a splatter/sawn off shotgun effect.
they talk about snow blowing in that movie with julia roberts and susan sarandon.. Step Mom

Jenny and Jack had to go to hospital. Jenny because she had an excessive amount of sperm ejaculated into her eye, jack because he had oxygen bubbles in his blood stream causing him to have aneurisms and a heart attack.
dodane przez Patron Saviour of the Southern Cross sierpień 29, 2005
Felatio performed amidst a flurry of dandruff that was kicked up by the performer going through the motions.

Seeing is believing
Dude: "Can I borrow your snowblower?"

Other Dude: "Bahahahhahahah."

Dude: "What?!"
dodane przez LowBrow luty 05, 2010
When PERSON A is giving PERSON B a blow job. And PERSON B cums in PERSON A's mouth without telling them. Out of spite, PERSON A goes up to kiss PERSON B (With cum still in their mouth) and spits it back into PERSON B's mouth.
Jenny: Oh my fricken gosh, he totally didn't warn me he was gonna cum!
Becky: That asshole! Did you get him back?
Jenny: Hell yea bitch, I totally snow blowed his ass!
dodane przez Nyhylou sierpień 06, 2007
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