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something so fantastic you have to spazz about it
"oh my god thats SPAZZTASTIC!!!!"
dodane przez M!DG3T wrzesień 13, 2007
12 4
Spazztastic is a term describing ones emotion.
ME: So wut up with it?! How you feelin?!
YOU: Im just chillen while feelin spazztastic!!
dodane przez a to tha z wrzesień 30, 2009
1 2
Spazz out a lot; very random; funny.
"John, you are so spazztastic when you scream and jump around."
dodane przez W!ck3d L0v3ly kwiecień 18, 2009
0 2
a very excitable occurance, "oh-happy-day" kinda deal.
kortny geten her ass beat would be spazztastic.

chloe "i was spazztastic when i got my stripper job."
dodane przez royal rick a.k.a. bubbles wrzesień 19, 2006
7 9
To make a sensual or sexual movement on ones own body in seductive way, to rub ones own thigh in a seductive way.
I feel so weird, like I need to gross out my friends! I must be spazztastic!
dodane przez Hades, god of the underworld listopad 03, 2008
1 5