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masturbation (the "special moment" is of course when you have the orgasm)
before I go to bed, I usually have a pee and a special moment.
dodane przez darryl listopad 30, 2003
specific moment in time. not whole moment but part of it.
"In this very special moment"
dodane przez SkorpEN luty 07, 2010
To have a moment where you act dumb... like a blonde moment but your just not blonde!
Someone was asking another to put a towel in a tumble dryer to warm it slightly but it can out like this:
"Can you put the tumble dryer in the fridge."
or you could have various happening
Walking into doors... falling over in public for no real reason... basically anything "blonde"!
All of the above can be classed as a "special moment"
dodane przez Arcane2080 kwiecień 07, 2008