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Drummer of panic! at the disco. Only eighteen years old.
Spencer Smith's drumming last night was amazing!
#p!atd #panic! at the disco #brent wilson #ryan ross #brendon urie #a fever you can't sweat out
dodane przez stealacceptance styczeń 24, 2006
the hottie drummer from p!atd..i really dont understand the fuss that all these teenie boppers make about brendon urie..i just dont see it.
teenie bopper:oh..em..geeze have u seen brendon urie from panic! at the disco. he's sooo HAWT!

level headed teen:what ever! spencer smith is gorgeous and u need to look at more than just the frontman...let me guess u think pete wentz is hawter than patrcik too right?
#hot boys #cutie #drummer #p!atd #hottie
dodane przez S.O.S...nobody help me lipiec 07, 2006
The severely underappreciated drummer for rock band Panic at the Disco. Is very talented and a generally awesome person.

He has pretty blue eyes.
Crazed Fangirl #1: ZOMG BRENDON URIE!!1!
Crazed Fangirl #2: ZOMGZ RYAN ROSS!1!!1

#spencer smith #panic at the disco #underappreciated #drummer #gorgeous
dodane przez Jon Von Bonbon styczeń 06, 2009
Nineteen year old drummer for Panic! At The Disco. Definitely the most talented and best looking member of the band.
Spencer Smith > the other members of Panic!
#brendon urie #ryan ross #jon walker #brent wilson #panic! at the disco #drummer
dodane przez Harlequin Girl październik 14, 2006
Eighteen-year-old drummer of panic! at the disco. Second of two founding members.
Spencer Smith's drumming last night was amazing!
#panic! at the disco #p!atd #brendon urie #brent wilson #ryan ross
dodane przez stealacceptance styczeń 23, 2006
An alligator fuckhouse of a man. Loves wearing glasses, using suppositories, and dating Neal. Spends the majority of his time in the bedroom/wide vaginas.
Ted: Hey man, I was gonna go see Spencer Smith later
Steve: Me too. Let's go together. I'll bring the suppositories and we'll make a party out of it.
#hottest man alive #suppository #cutey patooty #spasian #alligator enthusiast
dodane przez G8een grudzień 13, 2007
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