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To splong is to break the social rules, defined by a community.
This can result in a ban from the community and being ignored and repelled by community members.
"He's splonging again! What a mediawhore! Let's kick him in the ass!"
dodane przez Ano Nymous luty 16, 2008
A crude smoking device resembling a bong into which spliffs are placed.{hybrid of spliff and bong)
dodane przez antiplod maj 26, 2003
A half and half mixture of marijuana and tabacco which is packed into a bong.
If a large enough hit is taken, the result is an incredibly light feeling sensation
yoo man hurry up and pack that splong!!
dodane przez gooboo listopad 08, 2009
splong splong splong splong
splong!!!! splong!!!!
dodane przez Uncle Bert marzec 10, 2004
an action word -- somewhere between splat and sprong.
Splong! Pow! Splat! Splong!
dodane przez splong marzec 10, 2003