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a retard's version of sperm
hey look, that retard can't spell sperm, so he wrote spurm instead
dodane przez snapple luty 08, 2004
45 20
A hardcore punk band from South Jersey.
Are you going to the SPURM show this weekend?
dodane przez Ümlaut lipiec 10, 2008
16 3
ejackualate from penis usually found in wombs makin babys or on many a gyrating porn stars face neck an tits
spurm hehe
dodane przez Spongecake luty 03, 2003
20 32
A thick liquid that is shot through the dick (peanus). Which in slang is I am Coming.
A couple are having sex and one of them gets aroused and sputs spurm into the girl/boys boysmouth/girls pussy.
dodane przez Phillip Weisner maj 24, 2003
15 35