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one whose only goal is to ruin the fun... often the reason for why cops show up at a party
Jimmy's dad is a real stickler.
dodane przez Piper lipiec 11, 2003
259 92
A person who ALWAYS goes by the rules in ANY situation.
*Last day of school, kids in class with no work to do*

Kid: Excuse me miss, can I listen to my iPod?
Teacher: No! It is against school policy! You can't listen to your iPod during school! You shouldn't even be bring it to school!
Kid: *Turns to friend who's listening to conversation*
Kid: What a stickler.
dodane przez bleghs styczeń 23, 2009
88 21
A person who insists on something unyielding, they will argue the point over the smallest mistake until everyone ends up hating them!
Dave may have a small face, but is a (stickler) for grammar!
dodane przez ReviloMaharg listopad 05, 2009
44 12
The name of that uncomfortable sensation when your ballsack sticks to your leg.
Phil: Why are you scratching your balls dude?
Ted: Man ive got a Stickler!!!
dodane przez GOODGOAT lipiec 31, 2012
15 8
When you're dick gets stuck to your underwear because you forgot to clean the sperm off. It's known to hurts like hell.
Guy 1: OW!
Guy 2: What happened, bro?
Guy 1: I got a major stickler.
dodane przez Leo Gzz. marzec 05, 2014
5 1
Someone who is insistent in pointing out very small points, such as in grammar or other activities. Generally used as a mild insult.
Stop pointing out my smallest grammar mistakes, you are being a stickler.
dodane przez 156298 lipiec 16, 2014
0 0
One who stickles... sexually.
Natalie: "I'm a stickler"
21 116