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Another word for sperm or to ejaculate.
I have lots of stool.
Oh yeah, I am stooling everywhere.
I stooled in her mouth.
dodane przez mikey64_1508 lipiec 03, 2011
6 5
The female equivalent of the "tool." Possibly sexual as well, but not necessarily. More like a female poser.
A: Dude, that chick is such a tool.
B: I know dude. That chick's like my fucking shadow, laughing at everything we say. If she were at least hot, I'd totally use that stool.
dodane przez StrangersWithEK luty 04, 2010
6 8
fecal matter excreted from the bowwels
cardboard brown poop also known as stool
dodane przez stoolmuncher09 wrzesień 16, 2009
3 5
sex position when a girl bends down to touch her toes. then the guy is on top of her sitting on her like a stool trying to fuck her.
The stool positions requires really precise muscle control from both people
dodane przez R2D2 is human kwiecień 14, 2009
8 12
Usually made of wood.

Sometimes excrement.
Q: Did you feel my stool?

A1: Yeah, it's made of some nice wood.

A2: Why would I do that? You're gross.
dodane przez Glenn McClelland wrzesień 20, 2007
10 14
Someone who is a super tool; combination of the two words
Yo, that guy Chaz is a total Stool! Let's ditch him at the club.
dodane przez Knight Ridah lipiec 22, 2008
1 12