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odd, different to what you are usually used to seeing.
That berry looks strange to me.
dodane przez Leilani S maj 27, 2005
A homosexual individual displaying feminine or masculine characteristics.
Seen this strange dude walking in the mall today with heels on.
dodane przez Beeasy kwiecień 12, 2010
StRaNgE is a kinda scene kid/emo kid. He likes skinny jeans, has sexy hair and is really cute.
StRaNgE is sexii
dodane przez StRaNgE92 czerwiec 22, 2010
1.(N) to be considered outside the norm;abnormal
2.(N) a person with habits or looks that arent considered normal
3.(adj)describing something abnormal or out of place
4.(N) someone or something not well known
1. that guy is so strange
2. that guy wearing that barny shirt and short skirt looks so strange
3. that strange guy looked so wierd standing outside of her window like that
4.Mommy told me not to talk to strangers
dodane przez MK marzec 20, 2005
Someone who is weird.
Wow that person's strange...
dodane przez THE Crazy Lunatic listopad 01, 2005
Term to describe an ugly lady. From Westside Connection's "Gangsta Nation"
Bitch, you kinda STRANGE.
dodane przez Scripple021 maj 06, 2004
Sex outside your race.
No really bro.. I was at the triple kegger and met up with this fly honey! Oh dawg that was some STRANGE!!! For real my nizzle.
dodane przez Dig Dog Tri Beta Kapsilon kwiecień 04, 2008