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to have a gun on oneself
that nigga is strapped nigga! that nigga'll run up on u with a 9 nigga!
dodane przez thefilla czerwiec 08, 2004
possesing a gun
look out that nigga always strapped
dodane przez Anonymous wrzesień 28, 2002
When one is carrying a weapon, particularly a firearm.
Stay strapped, nigga...stay strapped.
dodane przez Steagles luty 12, 2006
A slang term referring to be equipped with, particularly, firearms.
"Don't fuck with me. I'm strapped."
dodane przez Dave listopad 03, 2004
To equip ones self with one or more firearms.

See: heated

Also see: Balla Too understand the definition.

'Yo, man, you're gonna need to go get strapped up before we take out those Balla Shit!'
dodane przez Craig styczeń 01, 2005
to carry a gun
dodane przez Mark kwiecień 14, 2003
Low on a particular resource.
I'm strapped for booty.
dodane przez The Grammar Nazi październik 21, 2001