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a fast food restaurant that caters to both taco bell and pizza hut consumers, carrying items from the menus of both establishments. it is very, very awesome. sometimes refered to as pizza bell.
Alex, Vogan and Jared got in trouble for walking to Taco Hut and getting some tacos and pizza during tech rehersal for Antigone.
dodane przez anniendo czerwiec 21, 2005
A combination of taco bell and pizza hut
Let's go to taco hut
dodane przez DizzyLizzy styczeń 24, 2007
The Taco Bell part of the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut fast food joint.
Are you guys ready to got to the Taco Hut?
dodane przez Killerbee123 maj 15, 2009
a vagina no matter what the size, age or color
baby cum bust a nut in my Taco Hut!
dodane przez CJ'S TACO HUT sierpień 15, 2007