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where your dreams never come true. its full of lost hope. if your not leaving after high school im sure your not going to. the roads suck, ever inch you go is another pot hole. it has the highest drop out rate around. every month another teen girl is pregnant. if your from here you know whittenton and east taunton kids never got along , and probably never will. you know everyones looking foward to go to the Portuguese feasts. there soo called gangs , cause kids have no life. Everyone dreads going to Morton when something happens they rather drive to Brockton. All people every think about is how to get high next. Or who there robbing to get money. Kids talk like they were raised by a bunch of money e.x "yoo dogg what the ______ good my _____ ."
No one can mind there business , its like whos life can we ruin next.
dodane przez mOney on my MinD lipiec 10, 2008
AKA T-Town. One of the oldest, coldest, and crapiest cities south of Boston. The roads suck, the buildings suck, the people suck. We have the Weir which is just the T-Town ghetto where conviencience stores are robbed weekly. Morton Hospital which is terrible and more people die there than oversees.
Man 1: So you live in Taunton... is it a nice place?
Man 2: ... *beats man 1* you are an idiot to just ask that! It's a terrible place!
dodane przez P-p-papoose! marzec 06, 2008
a crapy place with bad people. the little kids think taunton is great then they turn like 10 and find out how getto it is. there are teen moms everywhere and drugies around every courner. many kids drop out or dont get the education to get into a good college.
taunton HIGH school
dodane przez 1728302920-abc lipiec 18, 2011
Even though most think it is a sucky city, we do have some nice places and some people who live here a generally nice. There are a few rotten people but their just from the center of the city.
Person 1: Do you live in Taunton?
Person 2: Yes, I do. I live in East Taunton and it is LOVELY
Person 1: Wow, I want to live there!
Person 2: WHY!?
dodane przez Sara Green lipiec 10, 2008
A large-ish town in Somerset, England.
A population of around 40,000 people
Full with much cultral background and good shopping
Many schools, inc many well know private schools
i.e. Taunton school, Kings, Queens etc.
all in central Taunton.
"wanna go to town this weekend"
"Yeah sure, Taunton right?"
"Yeas, meet you in starbucks"
dodane przez x-Jazz-x marzec 30, 2008
a city south of boston full of gangs drugs crime bad roads and old buildings. graffiti everywhere and home to some of the illest with one of the highest amount of potheads in the country
Taunton got mad gangs.yea 5 kids got stabbed in a gang fight and another murdered
dodane przez Mike Gilmore styczeń 13, 2006
Nice and pleasant small city 40 miles south of Boston. Contrary to other posts Taunton is an extremely safe city with a low crime rate. Its overall crime rate is well below the national average in every category. In fact crime is lower than cities its size such as Barnstable(Cape Cod) and Haverhill among other Massachusetts cities. No Ghettos!! These people need to drive 90 miles to Springfield or Holyoke to see "ghettos". This is Not an impoverished city like Holyoke or Lawrence. Convenience stores don't have bullet proof glass and No bulletproof drive-throughs at fast food joints. It might be a crappy place to some in comparison to the surrounding rural towns but to most its an above average small city.
Taunton area Ranked #4 Most Romantic Cities for Boomers
dodane przez MoGedman listopad 17, 2012
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