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One who is obsessed with technology.
That technophile has all the latest gadgets.
dodane przez Turnspike luty 09, 2003
a person in your I.T class that knows more than the teachers and just loves up computers. a person that fanatasises about computers.
your a fuckin techno-phile man!!!!
dodane przez Unknown(bin laden) październik 03, 2003
Someone who is obsessed and completely up-to-date with the latest technology and media.
Hipsters are technophiles, for primitive shit.
dodane przez Baconbeer listopad 20, 2011
Someone who becomes sexual aroused while in the presence of latest technology.
Technophile: I have nothing better to do but bash gaming consoles and care about which console is selling best.

Me: Just play your fucking ps3 and shut the fuck up, no one gives a fuck.

Example 2:
Technophile: ...Ipod...Ipod...Ipod..........ipod...
dodane przez Astro man luty 06, 2008
The opposite to a Luddite
He praises technology unlike that guy who is a luddite.
dodane przez Christian Lindman kwiecień 16, 2003
Techno Music + Pedophile
"HAHA! Mr Incognito is a Technophile!"
dodane przez kawaiimandi styczeń 11, 2007