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1. To fiend or really want something usually involving drugs/alcohol.
2. To be sketchy to the point that if you gathered every goth/emo person in the world, they woudln't be as sketchy.
3. To have the last name Torbiak
that guy is totally tomming!
dodane przez Cody Howard kwiecień 25, 2008
231 19
Tomming is a phrase used to describe someone who is indulging in prostitution, i.e being a tom.
have you been tomming?
dodane przez rmt2008 lipiec 10, 2008
201 15
tomming is a word used to describe a pervert in the act of peeping at someone getting changed
man #1: dude are you tomming on my wife?
man #2: ....er..yeah
man #1:...cool
dodane przez spoofy marzec 31, 2005
172 51
When a person punches themselves in the junk repeatedly due to the outcome of a sporting event.
I wonder if Tom can still father children after "tomming" himself all last night because of Cutler's performance.
dodane przez snobbig j listopad 18, 2009
5 5
Blogging while Intoxicated
I wish he'd quit tomming--all of these blog posts he writes while drunk are rambling rants of nonsense.
dodane przez thehandrew marzec 18, 2008
7 11
To walk around naked except for boxer shorts, with your cock hanging through the crotch opening
Tom walked through a very populated dorm one night whilst drunk, and his cock was hanging out. Therefore, we call it Tomming.
dodane przez Drunk at MTU październik 20, 2008
6 19