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An awkward way to say "totally" when trying to act cool.

Coined in the 2009 film "I Love You, Man"
Guy #1: Hey, we watching the game at my place tonight?
Guy #2: Yeah. Totally. Totes magotes, man.
Guy #1: ..Nevermind.
dodane przez whitemamba marzec 30, 2009
1535 378
Totally, meaning 'Of Course'
First used in the movie 'I Love You Man'
- Are you coming to that party on Saturday?

- Totes Magotes! I'm so there.
dodane przez synthpop marzec 30, 2009
470 308
Another way of saying "suck my dick"
Dude, totes ma gotes
dodane przez dasavoirtho styczeń 19, 2014
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