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a girl who will fuck a guy because they have a nice truck
what a truck slut. she only slept with him because he has a lifted f-150
dodane przez ;lahg lipiec 21, 2005
Some hoe that will fuck you because you have a big truck. She doesnt care if the man she is fucking is another chicks boyfriend. They usually fuck in the truck, it turns her on.
"Look at that ugly truck slut, with that hott guy."
"Yea, I heard she was only fucking him cause he had a lifted f-350."
#slut #hoe #cunt #trashy #unwanted #bitch
dodane przez :JAJA: styczeń 28, 2009
Truckslut-A female most commonly between the ages of 15 and 25, can be classified as the "girlfriend of choice" for bro-hoe's and obnoxious college party boys.

Physical Description:
Usually average in height, around 5'5" to 5'9", slim hourglass shaped figure (i.e. big boobs, skinny waist, curvy hips) and faux tanned skin. Bleached, unnaturally blonde hair, sometimes with light brown chunky highlights streaked in. Hair is shoulder length or longer, flat ironed straight or in crunchy ringlets from curling iron+hairspray. Usually wears way too much foundation makeup which gives a masklike appearence to face, black liquid eyeliner winged out on side of eyes and layred over metallic white/pink/silver eyeshadow is also popular. Their nails are usually fake acrylics done in a french manicure style.

Dress style usually revolves around having a few designer items such as a pink and white Von Dutch trucker hat and white Dooney and Bourke purse, things like that. Mostly seen in denim miniskirts, lacy lingire style tops, tall cork platform shoes or flip-flops, pink tanktops emblazoned with the "West Coast Choppers" logo or other tacky slogans such as "Yes, these are real," crap like that. Rhinestone jewlery is a big hit with them, usually anything sparkly or silver.

Called a "truckslut" because they either drive pickup trucks or they have boyfriends who drive ridiculously raised trucks. And their slutty.
"check out that truckslut over there by the Third Rail jewlery case, I think she's buying the silver brass knuckle necklace charm"

"aah, she's such truckslut, just look at her. I wonder what it feels like to be completley devoid of any sense of self like that"
dodane przez /\/\4y4 sierpień 06, 2005
A girl who appreciates looking at trucks in which the owner has put a lot of time and money into it.
usually lifted, Diesel is best.
"Look at that sexy lifted Chevy!!"
"your such a Truck slut!"
#truck #slut #truck slut #truck enthusiast #chevy #ford #dodge.
dodane przez Sadie22 czerwiec 29, 2012
A girl that only fucks guys with a nice lifted truck.
Chelsea Boggess is a fucking truck slut.
#truck slut #truck #slut #whore #fuck
dodane przez Captain_Stababitch lipiec 22, 2014
A girl who will fuck any guy with her opinion of a nice truck. Keep in mind she don't know jack shit about trucks. All she knows is what the back seat looks like.
Guy Friend: Have you seen this Dixie Dime chick?

Me: Yeah, man. She ain't nothin' but a little truck slut.
#truck slut #slut #fake country #whore #concrete cowgirl #concrete
dodane przez cowgirlupCA luty 23, 2015
A girl choses who they date by how big their truck is. Also they might always want to drive their boyfriend's truck and not give him any attention.
Look at that truckslut, she's always driving her man around in his truck for no reason.
#truck slut #selfish #city slicker #prude #tease
dodane przez 2014truck listopad 30, 2014
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