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When you finally find an empty public restroom for a dump so massive that it requires complete solitude for the deposit....and then someone walks in.(especially at your office/work place)
Just as I was about to 'release the beast', some turd buglar entered the bathroom causing my sphincter to snap shut!
dodane przez Sidney Abello luty 11, 2004
2308 910
In Quebec, the thief who follows the first burglar and the second burglar.
We arrested de first two burglars, but de turd burglar got away.
dodane przez Saddam Hussein maj 09, 2003
1636 837
yet another word for gay men
jeez joe is a turd burglar!!
dodane przez turd-bur-gal-er kwiecień 24, 2003
1413 713
One who burgles turds
My cat took a crap and the dog ate it...he sure is a turd burglar
dodane przez baldylocks1976 styczeń 29, 2005
1043 578
(UK) Slang for homosexual.
"Hey, turd burglar! Get off that guy!"
dodane przez - sierpień 04, 2002
835 409
The Hamburglar's more fetid and vastly less successful predecessor.
I thought the McCrappy Meal cam with a Turd Burglar toy...
dodane przez AngryChegro lipiec 10, 2003
684 387
A derogatory term for a man of homosexual tendencies.
See also: Marmite/Vegemite/Chutney Ferret; Tail-gunner; and obviously faggot etc.
Man that guy is a turd-burglar
dodane przez Anonymous październik 29, 2003
500 274