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slapping one in the face with an erect penis until one ejaculates.
man slaps woman in face with penis, then ejaculates (wackjob).
dodane przez htes23 lipiec 05, 2011
15 84
An ecentric individual prone to odd behavior, ie. sitting and rocking, twiddling thumbs, mumbling incessantly about helicopters, and outbursts of lewd indecent exposure
JJ was ok, but now that wackjob is off his rocker.
dodane przez Joceppi sierpień 04, 2003
58 163
A quack, crackpot, or insane mofo. Usually prone to delusions of paranoia, schizophrenia, and any other fun mental image seen on tv.
Mulder, were he not brilliant, would be wackjob.
dodane przez The Omnipotent Seal marzec 30, 2003
39 149
Someone who is so stupid, annoying, or just plain retarded she might as well be whacked by a hitman to put her out of her misery.
Did you see that moron wet her pants? She musta studied extra hard to be such a wackjob.
dodane przez VAKI5 sierpień 18, 2003
16 155
one who is prone to talking to hemselves more than others. in some instances may be wwearing a tutu and referring to themselves as 'spongebob'.
hendrietta, how about you don't eat the neighbor's roses, you wackjob.
dodane przez noelle marzec 27, 2003
14 153
another word for handjob
hey i just got a wackjob from your lesbian sister
dodane przez retro083 listopad 05, 2003
10 166