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The inside of your elbow. your wagina clean?
dodane przez Justin Pennington kwiecień 22, 2005
Inside part of the elbow
Commonly used for wenis insertion

"Please take your wenis out of my wagina, its getting sore"
dodane przez Nicker Tanglees luty 02, 2007
the skin on the the crease between your forearm and upper arm... the opposite side of the wenis.
it's easier to lick your wagina than it is to lick your wenis!
dodane przez gifani marzec 27, 2007
The skin on the inner side of your elbow.
The opposite of your weenis.
He may have a really crusty weenis, but at least his wagina is soft.
dodane przez ibman67 listopad 10, 2008
-the skin of your elbow opposite to the wenis

-the counterpart of the wenis, in joking terms, due to resembling a vagina when closed
Person1: "OMG your wagina is so red! What happened?"

Person 2:"You know; poison ivy is the same on all waginas, I guess."
dodane przez Dee Metaldragon kwiecień 29, 2011
A vagina of the Indian sort.
My biology teacher can't say her v's... apparently all the girls in class have waginas
dodane przez mangoliciousxoxo12 styczeń 07, 2010
The inside skin of your elbow.
Opposite side of the Wenis.
My Wagina is so crusty, I need some lotion for it.
dodane przez Furry Pancake marzec 17, 2009
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