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watering hole is a bar, nightclub, restaurant with popular bar or other social gathering place where alcoholic drinks are sold.
Heading downtown to my favorite watering hole.
dodane przez Slim_Bro październik 24, 2009
85 9
a tavern or saloon
Let's leave this watering hole behind.
dodane przez The Return of Light Joker lipiec 05, 2010
14 9
A watering hole is when you are engaging in anal sex and you pull out causing a large hole to appear. You must quickly fill the hole with water or a drink you would like. After this you can sip it out thus creating a water hole. Also you may fill the ass with salsa creating a perfect place to dip your chips
This girl let me give her a watering hole last night, and i definately was not hungry after it.
dodane przez the ZACH Daddie sierpień 28, 2006
29 135