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the time or point when a plan or operation is executed. it comes from the military to describe when a plane lifts off to start a deployment, at that point an operation is considered hot (officially started).
We have to be packed and ready to go by 7:30 so we can be wheels up by 8.
dodane przez goopup styczeń 29, 2006
119 30
Originally stemmed from military jargon; means to depart from or leave an area or place, particularly via airplane.
I'm wheels up tomorrow.
dodane przez MrOklahoma kwiecień 03, 2011
74 25
The phrase that fictional character Aaron Hotchner declares once choosing a case to investigate in the hit CBS show 'Criminal Minds'.

Once stating 'Wheels Up' the team go off to kick un-sub ass! Also, they always win.
'Aaron Hotchner take us back... WHEELS UP!'
dodane przez thecriminalprofiler listopad 06, 2011
17 4
After a wealthy, major sports figure is put out of contention he/she exits on their private plane
Tiger missed the cut at the U.S. Open and he was wheels up Friday afternoon
dodane przez ses-old lipiec 22, 2006
16 71