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dodane przez anonymous lipiec 09, 2003
426 92
What the Miss Universe women hope to achieve, as though they have a role in society.
I'm a girl with a fake crown, so I can make terrorists and US Presidents stop acting like weapon-loaded kill-bots! With a wave of my hand, I will create world peace! Whoosh!
dodane przez Bastardized Bottomburp czerwiec 23, 2003
293 37
Promote World Peace: Kill Everyone
dodane przez Assholes Inc. sierpień 30, 2003
231 81
Can be acheived through annihilation of the entire human race.
All I have to do is press this button here and world peace will be instantly acheived.
dodane przez space alien sierpień 26, 2003
213 63
Something impossible to achieve because everyone has their own beliefs and thoughts.
World peace would screw up the economy.
dodane przez Highly Evolved marzec 28, 2005
199 65
A myth...
dodane przez kwani październik 22, 2003
106 27
The exhilaration you feel after taking a massive dump.
Janelle (exiting bathroom)--Wow, I feel great! World Peace!
Pam: Oh, you're so lucky...maybe I should eat more vegetables...
dodane przez sfyaw luty 21, 2009
64 16