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The answer to any question.
Q. What time is it?
A. Yeah.
dodane przez where am i? luty 14, 2005
2051 311
can be used to get out of any situation known to man
(walk into room full of people in suits who turn and stare at u)
(walk out)
dodane przez J listopad 30, 2004
705 215

Can be used to delay a particularly embarrasing moment or if you're lost for words, like uh.

Can be used to answer an awkward or idiotic comment.

All purpose response to any situation.
Fiorella: Are you ready for some some hot, crazy lovin'?
Mike: Yeah.

Fiorella: Why did you eat my all my damn sushi?
Mike: Yeeaah, about that...

George W. Bush: They misunderestimated me!
Mike: Yeah...

Troy: My hair's on fire. AAAARRRRRRRRGGHGHGHGH! My skin is burning!!!
Mike: Yeah.
dodane przez papermachete październik 29, 2005
504 177
Word used in every song with Lil John in it.
some song is playing in bacground:

dodane przez madman89 kwiecień 06, 2006
326 199
One of the few words in Lil' John's vocabulary.
in a loud, annoying voice: YEAH! WHAT?! WATCH OUT!!!
dodane przez kryo czerwiec 22, 2004
104 8
1. Used to ignore the negative aspects of a previous statement or comment.

2. To be used after a long period of laughter on a stupid/lame joke.

3. Used to piss someone off after they have spoken.
a) "Shit! You nearly hit that old guy!" (relpy) "hehe.... yeeeeah"

b) "Washing machines turn me on"
(reply) "hehehehe, hehehe, hehe, he, yeeeeah.."
dodane przez Oniken + Bluelance wrzesień 21, 2003
169 116
An adverb that makes everything sound better. Said with emphasis.
Yeah I broke my foot!
Yeah death!
Yeah yeah!
dodane przez Bettie, John, & Tiara listopad 17, 2002
148 95