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The process of sucking on the breasts of a woman where your buddy blew his load just minutes beforehand. This usually accompanies oral sex with said woman which was directly preceeded by said buddy being balls deep in the orally contacted area. This involves a low probability of not licking/sucking/tongueing the area where said buddy's balls were just resident. There is an equally high probability of getting your buddy's pubes stuck in your teeth.
Example of Zach getting Zach'd:

We met some 23 year old red head, took her back to his place and continued to drink.

I ended up passing out, I woke up an hour or two later and she was on the couch and she's like, "hey, come here". So I ended up banging her and going back to sleep.

Fast forward to this morning.

Wake up, she's gone, my buddy comes down from his bedroom and says "yea! I hit that chick last night!". I'm like...what?

Him - "yea, we had sex then she went downstairs to sleep, etc".

Me - "really? Me too"

Him - "ummm, did you suck her tits or anything?"

Me - "of course".

Him - "well, that's where I blew my load"

Me <pukes>

I'm trying to make myself feel better by telling myself she either took a shower or went in the pool after.

dodane przez Mike 0. sierpień 07, 2006
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