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A temple of the ancient Sumerians and babylonain, made of terraces connected by ramps and stairs, roughly in the shape of a pyramid

dodane przez App2011 październik 28, 2011
2 0
the act of making three eiffel towers stacked on top of each other (like a cheerleaders pyramid). a feat that very few people have accomplished
on prom night, we got 9 people that were all down to do eiffel towers so we decided to stack them up and try to perform a ziggurat
dodane przez dultah kwiecień 10, 2011
4 4
"Ziggurat" is used as a code word for expressing discomfort, awkwardness or embarrassment. It developed as a text-messaging term but it can be used in oral conversation as well. Other forms of the word, such as "ziggurating" or "zigguraty," are becoming increasingly popular.
Eleanor: Hows the date going?
Samantha: ZIGGURAT!

Samantha: Oh my god, I can't believe you actually frenooblited during the art history exam!
Eleanor: I know, it was so ziggurating. I freaked out and then I totally blanked on the name of those Assyrian pyramid-like temples!
dodane przez sashayingsifaka marzec 26, 2009
3 8
something that sumerians used to make theri sacrifices
dodane przez Stuart lipiec 10, 2003
11 16
mistakingly thought of as an ancient sumerian temple... really a rodent, with the first name of zigg. afraid of penguins and best friends with a giraffe.
that is one stealthy ziggurat.
dodane przez what?!? październik 19, 2004
6 23
The stupid, crappy and fat son of Mai.
Father unknown.
Serves no real purpose other then to occupy space in the universe.
dodane przez RandyL marzec 16, 2003
4 22
a pyramid shaped monument
aka my boyfriend Josh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
josh is a ziggurat
dodane przez hafizacharii styczeń 12, 2007
5 24